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I want to thank you for partnering with me to deliver Bibles to the people of Haiti.

This is the greatest gift they can receive!

These precious men, women and children battle constant poverty, intense spiritual oppression, rampant disease and paralyzing fear as darkness covers their land.

Psalm 119:130 says, “the entrance of God’s Word brings light…” That is why it’s our mission to take the light of God’s Word to light up the country of Haiti. The Word of God is the light which will guide them out of this darkness into the knowledge of God's love, God's way of thinking and God's power! They'll learn who they are, what they have and what they can do in Jesus!

Millions of Haitians desperately want Bibles, but they are simply not available, and even if they were, these desperately poor people could never afford to purchase one. My passion is to put as many Bibles as possible into the hands of the people of Haiti, but I need your help! Your gifts will enable me to purchase, deliver and distribute God's Word to Haitians in their Creole language.

For just $15 a Bible can be purchased, transported and put in the hands of a precious man, woman or child. For your $75 gift, 5 people will receive a Bible—the light of the world! For $150, ten Haitians will receive their own "candle" of God's Word. And your sacrificial gift of $1500 will be an eternal investment into the lives of 100 people!

I'm believing that God will move on your heart with a great sense of compassion, as He has mine, and we'll be able to distribute thousands and thousands of Bibles through our missionary partners living on the ground there.

It's time for the Word of God to dispel the darkness in the nation of Haiti!

$15 = 1 Bible
$150 = 10 Bibles
$1500 = 100 Bibles

Thank you for your love and faith!

In His great love,

Gregory Dickow