• Sunday: 9:00 A.M. & 10:30 A.M. - Hoffman Campus
  • Wednesday 7:00pm - Hoffman Campus
  • Sunday 9:00 A.M. & Noon - City Campus

Our Vision
Our Purpose as a church is to see people of all cultures changed forever by the gospel of Jesus Christ, united by the love of the Father, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to find their place in the family of God and their purpose in the world.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH WHERE COUNTLESS LIVES ARE CHANGED by the good news of Jesus Christ, where the love of the Father heals the hurting, and where the Holy Spirit leads each person into their God-given destiny!

• WE BELIEVE IN AN IRRESISTIBLY CONTAGIOUS CHURCH inspired to introduce an authentic God to a world hungry for genuine Christianity and the spirit of family.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH FILLED WITH 10,000 CHRIST FOLLOWERS who themselves are the living display of God's life-changing grace; a church that tears down walls, rather than builds them—where people are drawn from all ages, backgrounds, nations and cultures, by the demonstration of the goodness of God.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH WHERE GOD'S WORD IS TRULY UNDERSTOOD. Where nothing is impossible, where miracles happen, where dreams are born…a church where the warmth of God's presence can be felt, where hope never dies, and where the healing hand of God is extended to every man, woman, and child that walks through its doors.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH OF PASSIONATE WORSHIPPERS whose heart and songs lead people to encounter the healing presence and magnificent love of God; and whose diversity attracts people from all walks of life.

• WE BELIEVE IN A GROWING CHURCH large enough to reach millions through its global impact, yet personal enough to make every person feel that they are the most important person in the world to God—because they are! A growing church—that grows UP in maturity, grows OUT in number, and grows DEEP in relationships.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT HELPS CREATE CULTURE not conform to it—a church whose timeless message draws the hurting and healthy alike; whose mission flows from the compassion of God, and whose methods are biblically based, creatively inspired and intentionally planned.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT IS MULTI-GENERATIONAL. A bridge between the present and future generations—drawing from the wisdom of the aged, the passion of the youth, and the innocence of the young.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH WHERE THE EDUCATION AND LEADERSHIP TRAINING IS THE MOST IMPACTFUL AND COVETED IN THE WORLD which sets the standard for Christian education and training, equipping a generation of new leaders committed to servant leadership, development of their character, and self-less love.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT IS COMMITTED TO CHANGE. A church that challenges small mindsets, champions creative innovation, and removes limitations—constantly growing, and adapting to reach more people without compromising the timeless truths of scripture.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT LEADS A GLOBAL REVOLUTION from the inside out—a revolution of thought, changing mindsets that change lives, and change the world.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT IS TRULY INCLUSIVE. Where every person, no matter what their past or present struggle, has the opportunity to understand God's grace, experience His power, and be changed by His love—where everyone is offered a pathway to their God-given purpose.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT BUILDS OTHER GREAT CHURCHES AND BUILDINGS but builds even greater families and lives—developing people to spiritual maturity through inspired teaching, bible studies, small groups, conferences & mentoring.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT BOLDLY ELEVATES PEOPLE to their God-given authority in this life and their God-given rewards in the life to come.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT LEADS THE WAY IN THE WORLD through media & technology so that the love of God penetrates every home, filling televisions, computer screens, tablets and phones worldwide.

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH WHOSE LEADERS STRETCH their hands to be servants; their minds to be innovative; their hearts to be transparent and unified; and their faith to do the impossible!

• WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT CASTS ITS NET INTO THE DEEP far and wide—bringing millions to Jesus Christ, one life at a time; reaching our family and friends through personal relationship, reaching our communities through outreach and servant evangelism, and reaching the nations through media, church planting, and missions.

– Gregory Dickow, July 2014

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