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We are grateful for the past and radically committed to the future.

From our Pastor

As we reflect on God’s faithfulness, we are filled with the faith to sow into the future. His steadfast love today gives us assurance that He holds tomorrow. We stand on the shoulders of those who have sown seeds of sacrifice for the past 29 years. This year as we give generously, we think of all those who will be impacted in the future because of our obedience and generosity today.

Once a year, we provide a special opportunity to go above and beyond in our generosity during our annual Heart for the House Offering. If you have never participated in this special endeavor, we ask you to prayerfully consider joining us. God is moving among us in Chicago and beyond. I am so thankful for your generosity & partnership. Life Changers wouldn’t be what it is without you.





At Life Changers, it is our practicnd the year with the annual Heart for the House offering—It’s an opportunity to go above and beyond in our generosity and invest in the vision God has given us and unlock the miraculous potential for the year to come.


Many people have lost their sense of awe regarding God’s off-the-charts, never-ending, inexhaustible love. Heart for the House, and our vision as a church, has always been to tell people about this love and welcome them home — people from all nations, ethnicities, socioeconomics, and lifestyles who are looking for a warm and loving church family. Heart for the House is more than an offering or opportunity for wild generosity; it truly is the miracle of a message in motion.

Because of your commitment, Life Changers is making an impact around the world. Every data point below represents a story of life impact, change, restoration, and healing.



we can continue to reach
people with the hope of


Generosity in Motion

As we prepare to go above and beyond in our giving, take a glimpse into what your generosity has already accomplished.

Outreach: Love to the Rescue
Locally, we are committed to being the church, not just having church. We partner with local and regional farmers to deliver and distribute fresh farm-to-table produce, meat, and other grocery goods to hundreds of families in the local Chicagoland area per month. Through our Recovery Programs (available to those online and in-person) and our prayer center, we see miracles take place in thousands of lives from all over the USA and the world.

Our global evangelism mission through Solar-Powered Audio Bible distribution is one of the many ways we spread the Good News. We utilize cutting-edge technology to distribute the entire Bible and teachings from Pastor Gregory Dickow, along with a powerful invitation to receive Jesus as Savior through these audio Bibles, which are translated into 8 of the most spoken languages in the world. Our church family’s generosity allows us to reach the unreached, the minimized, and the forgotten with the message of love.



Friends + Family
We’re a gathering of happy, imperfect people who love Jesus. For us, Christianity isn’t a religion. It’s not just traditions and rituals and rules. Christianity is a relationship with the real person of Jesus Christ. Every Sunday, at every small group, and every church gathering, we sing about, talk about, and learn about the radical acceptance of God that we have because of Jesus.

Children ages newborn through sixth grade are introduced to the love and excitement of knowing Jesus through a kid’s worship service designed to be age-appropriate, fun, interactive, and engaging. Each week our staff and volunteers bring the Word of God alive through worship, drama, games, small groups, and tithe & offering lessons that capture the hearts and imaginations of every child; and empower them to live the life God created for them. In both our weekly online and in-person kids’ worship experiences.

HIYP (College/Young Adult)
Happy Imperfect Young People — The world doesn’t need perfect people; the world needs happy people that know where true joy comes from. The more we can experience this now, will set us up for winning in life.

Champion Youth
It’s who we are and what we do. We believe that we will champion the world by championing youth to understand their identity and purpose in Christ.


Together We Can Make a Big Impact

It is not about the amount we give but the commitment we make. Set up a recurring gift online to give faithfully toward the 2022 Heart for the House. Here are a few suggestions to help your generosity go further.

Not sure how much to give? Consider a small gift of $25

Become a recurring giver and give $40 per month for one year

Able to do more? Set an audacious goal to help accelerate the vision


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Our Life Changers Church location in Haiti is also the home base for the Haitian Bible School, with hundreds of pastors enrolled. Your giving provides financial support for our latest building project with teams on the ground currently building earthquake-resistant homes. Your generosity also provides annual support for an orphanage near our church.

We can provide financial and food relief for families in high mountain villages near Oyon, Peru, through your generosity.

Through Life Changers India, an essential part of the LC Family of Churches globally, your giving has provided emergency relief kits, food, and healthcare for widows and orphans in the Potireddypeta village, located in Telangana.

We’re partnered with an orphanage and a rehabilitation center in Kyiv, Ukraine, which provides complete care (shelter, meals, school, and more) for hundreds of precious children, many of whom have experienced trauma. Through the current disaster and war, we continue to find ways to support the children’s safety, education, and supplies needed to the missionaries and faculty, who have evacuated to Switzerland during this time.

Since 2013 your generosity has allowed us to reach Romania, a former communist country, with the life-changing gospel message — one of God’s love, hope, and healing. We are currently and actively establishing a Life Changers church in Cluj, Romania.

For 2+ years, your generosity has allowed us to provide financial relief to local churches in Rome and Florence in Italy, who have been devastated by a lack of employment opportunities and poverty. Pastor Dickow conducts leadership meetings for local pastors throughout Italy, and because of your giving, we continue to support various initiatives.

Your giving has allowed us to send many resources, including solar-powered audio bibles and Fast from Wrong Thinking to Misiones Care Ministries in Zacatecas, Mexico. We support this outreach as they work with the local people who live in the mountains without access to these resources. Many locals speak their own dialect, so the missionaries spend time teaching people how to speak and read in Spanish utilizing the materials we have provided.


How much money do I have to give?

Life Changers does not tell people how much to give, but we encourage everyone to pray about it! We believe God will speak to us about our giving if we ask.

God is a giver.
We are givers!

Our heart beats for generosity. Why? For every dollar invested, we see the Kingdom of God expand. We see souls saved, lives transformed, orphans and widows, fed and clothed, and so much more.

When Can I Give?

You can give on any day of the week and at any time of the day — during the four weeks of Heart for the House — October 30 - November 20. You can give online or in the offerings at our in-person services. We will also receive a Heart for the House offering weekly during each service.

I already tithe — should I still participate in the Heart for the House Outreach Offering?

The Heart for the House Outreach Offering is a special offering in addition to regular Tithes & Offerings. These funds are put towards expansion, assets, and other expenses outside of normal operations. We encourage you to participate in the Heart for the House Offering. Even more than that, we encourage you to talk to God about it!

Will my small contribution make an impact?

All financial contributions, regardless of size, make a huge difference! If everyone contributed a small amount, the cumulative effect would be greater than if only those who gave large amounts contributed.

No matter the size, contributions always have a significant impact and make a difference. Life Changers is grateful for every gift that is sent our way. Thank you for being a part of what God is building here!

Can I Give In-Kind Gifts of Stocks or Bonds?

Of course! There can be tremendous tax benefits for you by giving in-kind gifts. It’s straightforward. Visit

Are My Gifts Tax-Deductible?

All gifts to Life Changers Church, whether via the regular offering or this Heart for the House Outreach offering, are tax-deductible. Please include your name and address when you give so that a receipt can be sent to you for your tax preparations. You are not required to utilize a tax deduction for your gift, but it is available.

How do I give towards the 2022 Heart for the House?

Online: Go here
Mail: Send your contribution by mail to the below address
2500 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192


Let’s unite in celebration and in prayer together. Feel free to fill out a praise report or a prayer request below and our team will promptly respond.

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