Education K4-12

Shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation.
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Quality Education

We’re committed to giving students a a great education that serves all their future endeavors. 

Centered on God

God’s Word, ways, wisdom, and insight is the foundation of every subject in our curriculum.

Character Development

We’re discipling a generation of students committed to God, family, and the evangelization of the world. 


Valeo Academy admits new students for on-site learning starting at Pre-K to 12th Grade. For inquiries or to schedule a tour, call our Valeo Office at 847-645-9300. Click here to read more about how we are implementing our new safety pre-cautions.

Introducing K4 Kindergarten

Your 4-year-old will focus on character development and experience fun and interactive learning. Classes include art, physical education, and music. Space is limited. 847-645-9300.

Educate Your Children God’s Way!