Education K4-12

Shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation.
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Quality Education

We’re committed to giving students a a great education that serves all their future endeavors. 

Centered on God

God’s Word, ways, wisdom, and insight is the foundation of every subject in our curriculum.

Character Development

We’re discipling a generation of students committed to God, family, and the evangelization of the world. 


We have loved welcoming our Valeo students back for our fall semester and are still open for any new students who would like to join us for our renovated on-site academic experience. For inquiries or to schedule a tour, call our Valeo Office at 847-645-9300. Click here to read more about how we are implementing our new safety pre-cautions.

Introducing K4 Kindergarten

Your 4-year-old will focus on character development and experience fun and interactive learning. Classes include art, physical education, and music. Space is limited. 847-645-9300.

Educate Your Children God’s Way!