Together everyone achieves more

We believe that God has given YOU incredible gifts and we are here to help you discover, develop, & distribute those gifts in God’s Kingdom.If you’re interested in joining the team online or in-person, fill out the form below and join us at one of our upcoming Zoom orientations. We will explain all of the open teams we have including our kids team, production team, online host team and more. We can’t wait to champion your gifts!

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Meet Our Volunteers

MARCUS & ZAMI BATES - Hoffman Estates Campus

Online Life Group Leaders

"Volunteering as Life Group Leaders for us has been beautiful. Leading a Life Group through our church has provided us the opportunity to have a boat and net to drop for God's Catch. It truly is a Blessing!"

ELAINE - Online Campus

International Life Group Leader

"Life Changers is the true representation of a "family" to me. Because I have been personally connected with online, I really feel valued, supported, and loved. There is a true sense of belonging even though I am located in a different part of the world. I lead a Life Group because God wants to work through all of us globally to light up people's darkness and flood the earth with His love."

ADETOLA - Hoffman Estates Campus

Camera Ops Team

"Serving is how I worship. I see serving as an opportunity to put love in action."

MADDIE - Online Campus

Online Life Group Leader

"I love LCIC because it is culturally diverse yet inclusive. I am originally from the Philippines, and this church made me feel like I belong. I moved to Dallas recently but I decided to still be part of this church family. There is really no place like HOME.❤️"

ALYSSA - Hoffman Estates Campus

Production Team

"Serving to me is an opportunity to demonstrate to others what God’s love is like to us. It’s not a task or a job that I’m required to do, it’s a reflex of thankfulness for all that God has done for me. It’s a time to give without expecting anything in return, but when you serve in your local church you receive the greatest blessing of being able to connect with people from so many different walks of life"

STAR - Chicago Campus

Experience Team

"To me serving others has always been a part of my life. It’s about showing other people God’s love through me. We live in a world where a lot of people only think about themselves and the ones who need help, often don’t ask because they are afraid. Serving can make people comfortable and hopeful that there are still kind humans who are willing to give time and help."