Because of your sacrificial generosity, trust, and connection this past year, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot together…

  • More than 50 million people have been reached, engaged, and impacted through our local church, local outreaches, TV programs, social media platforms, podcasts, books, and audiobooks, and the distribution of Solar-Powered Audio Bibles.
  • We’ve fed over 12,000 families from low-income communities in Chicago via weekly feeding programs
  • People in 30+ nations have joined our global family and consider Life Changers their home by joining us online weekly
  • We’ve provided food and financial support in 20+ international cities and regions
  • Over 16,000 incoming prayer calls and emails were individually answered by our staff and volunteer teams
  • We’ve provided financial relief and food to our partners in Haiti due to the recent socioeconomic crisis and we began our funding towards building earthquake-resistant homes
  • 1500+ children and orphans were reached and fed through holiday programs in Bangladesh, Haiti, India, Pakistan, Peru, Switzerland, and Ukraine
  • We launched a young adults community called “Happy Imperfect Young People” to foster an uplifting culture of young people living for Jesus
  • Our children, youth ministries, and pastoral care ministries grew and saw tangible transformation through both local and online evangelism and personal care

On behalf of every person who was prayed for, encouraged, fed, supported, and saved… THANK YOU. We’re humbled by the outpouring of friends and family, like you, who are so loyal to the vision of this great church.

Acts 10:4 declares that your prayers and giving have gotten God’s attention, and He NEVER forgets what you do for others and His Kingdom.

Just as the disciple John leaned into Jesus’ bosom to ask Him what the other disciples were too afraid to ask (John 13:23), let’s continue to LEAN INTO our identity and our intimacy with Jesus, which will catapult us into our destiny. As we walk out the purpose and call on our community as a church family – through our divine connection, the development of leaders that impact the world, and the mission to preach the gospel in the remotest parts of the earth – we can expect to see God’s love transform us and this world.

“Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession.” Psalm 2:8

May the precious seeds of trust you’ve sown this past year lay the groundwork for exponential growth in your 2023! May our strong connection be the catalyst for reformation, restoration, and revival in your home, your neighborhood, and around our world. In Jesus’ Name!

P.S. Keep an eye out for your 2022 Annual Giving Statement, which will be following in an email from Pushpay. You can directly download your statement from that email. Or follow the instructions here to access it online:

P.P.S. Enjoy free access to my e-book, The Promises of Hope. It will give you true hope and every reason to trust in God’s plan for your life.