Global Outreach

Together We’re Spreading the Gospel to the Nations

Blessing Children this Christmas in Peru, Ukraine, India, Mexico, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Chicago, and more.

Through our ministry partners around the world, we have an opportunity to bless hundreds of orphans and families in need. Any donation toward our Outreach Holiday Fund will support our Christmas Initiatives in the nations listed above. Click here to donate and give towards our Outreach Holiday, which supports this project as well as other Christmas outreaches.

See below a little description about what each of our partner churches are doing in their nation this Christmas season. Through your generosity, these Christmas outreaches become possible.



We started supporting a local pastor and church located in the South West of the nation of Ukraine. This church holds a food pantry for the community every month. The community is filled with people who have returned home to Ukraine, after escaping during the war over the past few years. The community has many elderly people, single mothers, wives and children, as any male over age 18 is enlisted in the local army. We began our quarterly support back in the summer of 2023, and have a special connection with their pastor’s family as they used to attend Life Changers Church before being called back to lead a church in Odessa, Ukraine.


This Christmas, Life Changers India plans to distribute hundreds of blankets to the homeless, Christmas gifts for 150 orphaned children, meals for almost 2000 people and more supplies. They plan for Christmas services for the local community to raise the spirits of those in need. In addition to supporting the Widows and Orphans Fund, quarterly, we always want to support their Christmas outreach.

Another ministry we support cares for 3 communities every week with church services, food distribution, and outreach for hundreds. For Christmas, they will be distributing hundreds of blankets and clothes to widows and orphans. They will also be going to 5 – 10 villages and minister to the people through Christmas programs and outreach.



In 2022, we sent Bibles and resources to one ministry in the Western part of Mexico, from our Pastor, Gregory Dickow, that were all translated in Spanish. The pastors and communities were so blessed and full of gratitude. All the materials sent are being used for a monthly party every month for new believers and for their discipleship programs. We are preparing to send funds for groceries, that help people in the low income part of the city, who attend their church.
For Christmas, they are having a party for 250 children in the community that we plan to support. And lastly, this ministry also goes up into the mountains, where people live and bring them food and the gospel, to an unreached people in 14 communities.


Another ministry we partner with is focused on local hospital outreach. This specific hospital is very remote, and people that live miles walk for miles looking for care. They sleep on the streets until they are able to be seen.  This church cleans the exterior of hospital (where all the people are camped out) and ministers to the people waiting. They provide personal care kits. This church and hospital are located in the 2nd coldest city in Mexico. They will also provide a Christmas party for the kids in this community. Their mission is to make the kingdom grow and empower their church members, and especially young people to be outreach-oriented.


Since 2019, we have supported Sunshine Center, which was a rehab cenber for hundreds on the daily, as well, as a home for 15 orphaned children. We look forward to supporting them every Christmas. There are 20 orphans, alongside  the faculty, who have escaped Kyiv in Feb 2022, and found home in Switzerland. All the orphaned children have experienced trauma, abuse, and were left abandoned. This organization cares full-time for these children, even in the midst of the displacement and war in Ukraine. They also care for 30 orphaned children in Ukraine too. The local church they are connected to provides food for the homeless and ministry outreach.


With the future December donation, in Bangladesh, this team would be able to arrange 3 children’s gatherings in different places which more than 200 children for a community, who have never heard the gospel, and who plan to attend these Christmas gatherings. The team arranges food and fellowship. They also distribute 120 blankets among children, senior citizens, and poor families. Also, they have arranged a medical screening and medicine distribution camp for the children and their parents.


The Life Changers Food Pantry is open at both our campuses: Hoffman Estates and Chicago! Weekly, we give away fresh groceries and non-perishable items throughout the month to about 100 families in need. We have partnered with local and regional farmers to deliver and distribute fresh farm-to-table produce, meat, and other grocery goods. At Christmas time, we plan to help at least 200 more families with a Christmas Box. This box includes: a ham, sides, desserts, and more!


Wipe Every Tear is one of the largest organizations in Southeast Asia, providing care for women affected by the sex trade. Housing, medical care, meals, clothing, outreach, and education are a few of the things they provide. This year, through our partnership with Wipe Every Tear, we are providing special Christmas care packages for their girls that include personal beauty products that are usually not affordable, along with a care package filled with food and household items that the girls will take home and share with their families at Christmas. The sweet video is from their Philippines’ director.