Are you ready to launch into a SPACE-TACULAR Series with your kids?! This new voyage begins on Sunday, March 6 and will continue for 17-weeks. In our new Series “Infinity and Beyond’ we will teach your kids how to encounter the God of the universe!

For our local community, we are gathering in the room at both our Hoffman and Chicago campuses on Sundays at 10:30AM. We are continuing to launch new content online every Monday and Friday at 12PM (CT) on our YouTube channel, @LifeChangersKids.

Beginning Sunday, March 6, every child in the room will get a space bundle. If any children join us mid-series, we will ensure they also get the bundle upon their next visit.​

If you are a part of our online community and would like a space bundle for your child email us here.

In this space bundle you will find:
• An Astronaut Handbook
• Weekly Devotional Cards
• An Astronaut Lanyard
• Special Treats

We have a ton of fun planned for your kids in this next season and we are glad they are a part of our Life Changers Kids family! We can’t wait to see them each week!

If you are a part of our online community and would like a treasure bundle for your child email us here.

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