Happy New Year Life Changers Kids!

2021 is here and we are ready to kick this year off with our best series yet!

Beginning Monday, January 18 we will be taking your kids on a 11-Week journey in which we will share with your kids how they can rule over their emotions, learn how to live their life from the inside out, and become the people God has called them to be!

We have a special gift that we would like to send their way! In this gift you will receive ELEVEN weeks of activities wrapped around our new series “Living from the inside out” Register NOW!

Make sure you stay connected and watch all of our videos that premiere every Monday and Friday at 12PM (CST) on Youtube.

We love you all! We are believing that you experience your BEST YEAR YET!

P.S. We love seeing how your family is doing, so keep sharing pictures + videos of all that your kids are doing by tagging @lifechangerskids on Instagram or Facebook. We can’t wait to see them having FUN! 😊

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