Champion Youth Internship Commitment

The 2023 Champion Youth Internship will be from June 6th - August 17th. A Champion Youth student intern is committed to giving of their time, resources, gifts, talents, servanthood and heart.

The interns of Champion Youth Ministry LEAD THE WAY in everything they do! They lead their generation in serving, worship, focus, and devotion.

As a Champion student intern during the 2023 summer season I commit to the following:

  • I commit to being a culture-setter and a vision-carrier of Champion Youth as well as Life Changers Church.
  • I commit to attend Champion Youth weekly on Tuesday nights as well as services on Sunday mornings.
  • I commit to interning with Champion Youth 15 hours per week this Summer.
  • I commit to serving in 1 additional area of ministry at Life Changers Church. (i.e. Cafe, Media, Life Changers Kids, Directional Host, Experience)
  • I commit to taking my role, responsibilities, and communication seriously at all times.
  • I commit to be diligent and complete required assignments.
  • I commit to set the atmosphere at any Champion Youth related events by being vocal, paying attention, and engaging. I recognize that my actions have the ability to influence other’s actions and I choose to do this in a positive way.
  • I commit to being a leader and not a follower -- both in and out of church. I commit to do everything in my power to become a better leader and to get other teens plugged in to church this Summer!
  • I commit to remain FOCUSED in this season of internship in my relationships with family, friends, and Jesus.
  • I commit to remain humble & teachable in all things. I will receive correction and keep a good attitude with my teachers, pastors, leaders and parents.

By electronically signing below, I commit to the above boundaries and guidelines of being a Champion Youth intern.

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