You will collaborate closely with our creative team, supporting graphic designers, videographers, and writers in their daily activities. This role is perfect for those passionate about graphic or video editing and crafting devotional content to amplify the impact of our church’s mission.


You will be instrumental in the behind-the-scenes operations that bring our church’s events and services to life. Your role will involve assisting with the setup and breakdown of production equipment, ensuring smooth operation during live events, and supporting our production team in creating a seamless experience for attendees.


You will be key in coordinating and managing projects throughout our church. Your responsibilities may include preparing for creative shoots, aiding in event organization, or supporting various departmental teams with their daily duties.


You will immerse yourself in the core of our church’s leadership dynamics, gaining firsthand experience in leading initiatives, strategizing for growth, and mentoring under the guidance of our senior leaders. Your involvement will include participating in meetings, assisting with the execution of church-wide projects, and contributing to the development of leadership training materials.