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Volunteer Application

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  • Qualifications:

    • 1. Be in agreement with the tenets of faith of LCIC.
    • 2. Be a member of LCIC, or be in a membership process.
    • 3. Be able to make a minimum 6 month commitment.
    • 4. Complete the Children’s Ministry Worker Application.
    • 5. Be loyal to the pastor and leaders of LCIC.
    • 6. Be faithful to your assigned position.
    • 7. Report needs/problems to your department director. Do not complain to coworkers.
    • 8. Live a consecrated Christian life (be a doer of the Word).
    • 9. Attend all workers’ meetings and workshops.
    • 10. Attend one complete service in the adult church per week.
    • 11. Give at least three days’ notice if you know you will be absent.
    • 12. Be at your designated post 30 minutes before starting time.
    • 13. Be neat in your appearance.
    • 14. Complete appropriate workers’ training course.
    • 15. Give sixty days notice when resigning a position.
      • Please read and sign:

        I have read the above qualifications and pledge to keep them to the very best of my ability. I clearly understand that failure to keep any of the above qualifications is grounds for dismissal.