I commit myself to be a Vision Keeper at Life Changers International Church by upholding the following:

  • I am aware of and in agreement with the Life Changers International Church’s Vision & Culture.
  • I have read the Life Groups Training Guide and fully agree with the Vision of Life Groups and the Leader requirements.
  • As a representative of the Life Changers Global Family, I am committed to keep and protect my church’s vision by modeling faithfulness to it, teaching it to the members of my Life Group, and stopping any strife that opposes it.
  • I am committed to following the leadership (according to Hebrews 13:17) of our Pastors, Gregory and Grace Dickow; and in turn, recognize and receive the delegated leadership of Life Changers International Church including Life Groups Director and Administrative team. This includes prompt communication and attendance to scheduled meetings and conference calls.
  • I am committed to be a Life Group Leader for at least 6 months.
  • If ever I feel the need to step down from this ministry, I will do it with honor, with an approved replacement, and in a way that maintains peace with my church. As a part of this process, I will communicate, consult and plan with Life Group leadership PRIOR to communicating anything to the group under my care or taking any decisive action. If there is a difference of opinion, I agree to defer to the delegated leaders over me.
  • I realize that as a leader, the Life Group that I serve is not my own, rather I am a steward of the group on behalf of our leaders, Life Changers International Church, our Pastors, and ultimately God. In turn, I will not for any reason do anything to divide the group, or any members of it, from Life Changers or from the delegated leaders.
  • If at any point the Life Group under my care consistently exceeds 12 attendees, I am committed to pursuing the LCIC pattern for group growth and expansion — actively seeking to engage and invest in an APPROVED apprentice leader as a new Life Group Leader. I agree that this must be done with the cooperation and approval of the Life Group Directors.
  • I am committed to being teachable and accepting feedback when needed, and agree to walk in love, unity, and humility with the leaders & members of Life Changers International Church at all times.