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In light of preparing to celebrate 30 years as a church in 2023, there was a declaration that took form internally amongst the staff and team of Life Changers Church. That declaration being: ‘There Is More’. A triumphant phrase to signify that while 30 years have been fruitful and blessed, God was only just getting started with us.

In the summer of 2023, the church Worship Team took ‘There Is More’ from being an internal declaration to becoming an external declaration by composing their first four original worship songs. By October of the same year, as the church celebrated its remarkable 30-year journey, Life Changers Worship had officially launched. During a live recording session, the congregation joyfully experienced the debut of these four songs, marking a momentous occasion in the church’s history.

In an exciting new chapter, Life Changers Worship has embraced a full-time commitment to composing and producing music. This dedicated effort aims to extend the reach of their impactful message beyond the church walls, resonating with a broader audience. As the band immerses itself in this creative endeavor, the vision is set on inspiring and connecting with people through the universal language of music. Life Changers Worship looks forward to the future, where their compositions will serve as a source of inspiration and reflection for individuals around the world.