Champion Youth: CH.Y

It's Who We Are and What We Do

We’re a community of adventurous and generous young people pursuing and experiencing the transforming love of the real Jesus. Together with our friends we’re discovering God’s purpose for our lives.

Every Wednesday Night at 6:30pm

For Grades 7 – 12

A Place to Belong

We value relationships and helping teens connect with each other and our leaders.

Seriously Fun

We take intense worship and knowing God seriously — and we always have a blast.

Authentic Faith

We let the Holy Spirit work and don’t shy away from the real-life tough topics that teenagers face.

The Colosseum Youth Camp

Every summer camp gets better and better. Every year is an opportunity to make new friendships and to strengthen current friendships. Every year our teenagers create unforgettable memories by participating in the most exciting and fun camp activities in Lake Geneva. But most importantly, every year, young people’s lives are radically transformed by the love of Jesus. 

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